I know it is silly to talk about my laptop this way but I had plans for its future when it finally comes up for replacement in the next few weeks. It has been faithful to me for the last five years, its XP operating system never crashed once. Its performance has remained as super-fast as the day it was handed over to me. I wrote my second book on it, built spreadsheets that turned around complex situations but now fate and my stupidity has dealt it an unexpected blow.  

A few seconds after entering the slip road onto the motorway, I heard a loud thump on the roof. At first I thought it was a branch from a tree flying in the wind. There was no lorry in sight. In the rear view mirror I saw a thin black object flying through the air and crash on to the ground, breaking in two spinning off both left and right. I checked my speed – 90Km per hour.

When I finally found a safe place to make a U-turn and got back to the landing site I was amazed to see that my laptop was still in one piece, apart from the battery that was lying in the middle of the road and mashed out of shape under the weight of several cars.

The DVD draw was open and the lid had broken away from its left hinge, it was badly buckled and torn.  I had given it up for dead but my colleague re-assured me “it’s an IBM ThinkPad he said, those X300’s are stronger than you think”.  Back home and connected up to an external power supply it booted up as if nothing had happened. The screen worked fine and all my data was intact, even the DVD player still worked. What a relief. I had hoped to keep it forever, running my MP3 music files into my Hi Fi system, later donating it to a private collection of IBM computers when I was no longer around.

In life we can make many plans, but we are humans and we are vulnerable to rush decisions and changing conditions. My motto is to live each day to the full and be thankful for the people I have around me that make life so much fun.

As for my laptop accident, I am just lucky my lapse of attention did not cause any damage to anyone else.  I will glue together the left-hand hinge and I will use it for my music, after all it will serve as a reminder of just how reliable and loyal a true friend can be!

Have a good week,