You rub your eyes to try and see the screen better. It’s then you notice how quiet the office has become. Your back is aching, so you decide to take a little stroll. Most desks look like their keepers will return at any moment; half empty coffee cups, screens blinking waiting for a response. And yet one or two are so tidy you could be kidded into thinking that they will remain deserted for several weeks or more.

It’s then it hits you. Just how tired you are. How you feel that something is wrong. You’re working all the hours that God gives you and still your work is never done. You haven’t had a moment to yourself for ages. Your requests for some support in the office seem to be falling on deaf ears. You’re beginning to think that you are being used.

You go back to your desk and look at the spreadsheet again. You’re never going to be able to finish it tonight so you press Ctrl S and lock the screen. Time to go home.

You imagine your wife sitting alone, watching TV. The children in bed again without a “good night” kiss from Dad. You decide that tomorrow you will have another word with your line manager.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Have a good week,