Many people are trying to convince me to stop reading my e-mails and to use other types of social media instead. There’s a very good article from Sid Savara on why you shouldn’t read your e-mail in the morning that I fully support.  And while I agree that our valuable time can easily be distracted by incoming mail, will switching to other kinds of social media work any better as a business to business communication tool?

The way I see it is that there are two main kinds of activities that we do in business: Firstly there is the stuff we need to do to do our jobs and secondly there’s the stuff we need to do to help others do theirs. This new wave ‘Thatcherite’ attitude of just looking after No. 1. does not support my concept of efficient collective working.

In my office I have stopped using e-mails for task issuing and monitoring. Instead I have switched to the excellent ‘Action Method’.  This removes a great deal of e-mail chains and clumsy status analytics.  All tasks are delegated and sorted by project and topic, with all associated documentation and discussions neatly attached to the tasks themselves.  This leaves the good old fashioned e-mail for general communication, including sending of invitations and other contractural stuff.  In fact it takes me back in line with the old ‘internal memo’s’ and ‘Letters’ (if anyone remembers these two forms of communication).

In my office the phone has mostly been replaced by MS Lync or Skype for video conferencing, with its neat added chat and screen sharing features, only a few of my laggard colleagues are taking their time to catch on to what is now, in my opinion, a standard form of communication.

So I feel I am doing OK. Twitter’s alright for notifications but Facebook and business, try as I may, I just don’t get it yet.  All my business colleagues that use Facebook frequently, hardly ever use it for business related messages and when they try to it just doesn’t work. Their business posts look so out of place next to their family photos and pets it’s like seeing advertising posters in a church or a temple.

I am off now to write an e-mail to my lawyer,

Have a good week,