There’s an attractive vase of flowers in the reception where the no smoking sign used to be and apart from a neat pile of post on my desk, everything appears much as I left it three weeks ago.  My inbox shows no hint of disaster or major change, in fact all I see are smiling faces that seem pleased to see me. 

One test of a really good holiday is that it should feel as if you have been away for much longer than reality.  I feel that I have been away for ages and this is supported by the fact that grass has started to grow through the tarmac on the disused outside lane of the motorway where workmen should normally be working. I guess they must be on holiday too?

People say that time flies when you’re having fun and I find that it’s true, however if you pack loads of new experiences into your brain while you’re having fun then the opposite effect is experienced when you look back afterwards, even years later.  Your holiday may go quickly but the memory remains forever.

One secret of a really good holiday is to ensure that when you are away, you really are away.  My Android phone has a great application called ‘Call Blocker’, it’s brilliant.  What you do is make a ‘white list’ of the names of the people you want to be able to reach you, in my case my wife and travelling companion, and then select the ‘White list only’ feature.  The result is that everyone excluded from your list does not get through but receives a polite message instead.  Call Blocker worked great and gave me the chance for my brain and soul to experience life without work and its constant interruptions.

Work is like having children.  They are great and we wouldn’t want the world without them but sometimes, just sometimes – it’s brilliant to have some time just for oneself.  Three weeks cannot be too much to ask for can it?

Have a good week,