How far do you dare go beyond your comfort zone? How far are you prepared to drive yourself to inspire others to achieve results that perhaps only you believe they are capable of?

Back in October of last year I was preparing a very detailed presentation for the PMI Benelux day on the subject of beyond borders. It was rapidly turning into a heavy, theoretical professorial talk when at the very last moment, literally on the way to the venue, I had the idea to take out all the ‘I know better’ text based slides and to lighten it all up by simply telling a story or two.  

I should have been nervous but I wasn’t, I should have been self conscious but I was relaxed. That Saturday morning in the Netherlands, instead of lecturing my audience I decided to take them on a journey. The result was a thirty three minute presentation that many people told me they found inspiring.

Several months later, the amateur video footage has been re-engineered and is now available on YouTube. I am curious to know whether what happened that morning also makes sense to those who were not there…

If you are interested, here’s the link:  Me at the PMI

Have a good week,