I have been told that apparently I have 100 billion neurons scattered around my brain. Sometimes however, I have the feeling that none of them are strictly doing what they should.  For sure the ones running my essential systems seem to be doing a pretty good job but when it comes down to tougher challenges such as re-calling names and other essential data, quite frankly I begin to wonder how many more of the little blighters I really need. 

Thirty years ago I was hungry for success and in need of a new idea, today I have more ideas than I can handle and more success than I ever dared dream of.  So it saddens me enormously when I see intelligent people in their late twenties and early thirties, with all of their neurons functioning, that do not seem to have a vision of their future or a plan as to how they can achieve it. They often tell me that it is too hard to visualize and that making choices is tough.  I tell you it’s easy!  

Just look around you and find someone who is in his or her late forties or fifties that you deeply respect.  They need to be (in your eyes) a high achiever and most importantly a ‘success’ by your own definition of the word.

Then ask yourself ‘if you have what they have, five to ten years earlier than them, would that be OK?’ If your answer is ‘yes’ then just try and book a couple of hours of their time and ask them to tell you the most important mistakes they made getting there. Next, all you need do is re-check your vision and create a strategy to avoid as many of their mistakes as possible. It’s a guaranteed recipe and really quite simple!

(For a slightly more structured approach you can always try reading Part Two, Chapter 1 of ‘Making a Difference’, now I wonder where I can get a copy of that from?) 🙂

Have a good week,