Imagine you’re once more standing back in the most beautiful place you have ever been. Imagine that somehow you could have captured it in such a way that you could return to that moment in time whenever you wanted and even share it with others. Imagine that.

And while we all have experienced our own unique highs, moments in our lives where everything is just perfect, some people’s highs are not circumstantial but are born out of their own unique creativity. Luckily for us, some of these creations have been captured on canvass or video allowing them to be admired and shared for all time.

And while we, lesser mortals, are privileged to be able to witness them, we must also learn to live in the knowledge that although we might be talented in one way or another we may never reach the same heights as they do.  

So if anyone ever asks you ‘what have you done lately?’ There is no reason to feel ashamed if you believe your achievements are not up to the expectations that you might have had for yourself once upon a time. Your life is your own and no one else’s and it is pointless to compare with any kind of lingering regret. Having said that, I do believe that we should at least try to motivate and inspire others to achieve beyond their expectations; both in our private lives as well as at work. 

It is my experience that some company performance appraisals are too self-centered on individual achievement and not focused enough on what the person may have inspired others to achieve.  

There is a musician called Colin Benders (otherwise known as Kyteman). Once upon a time, someone gave Colin a trumpet; just look what he did with it:

The thing that inspires me about Colin is how he inspires all those around him, even the audience, to become a part of whom he is and what he is doing.

If you liked my first link and you want more, here’s the entire concert (1hour), perhaps something to enjoy if the weather turns bad this Easter weekend. Thanks for the tip Nino…

Have a good week