Once upon a time there was a poorly run IT department that always screwed up everything. The team was constantly under pressure and regularly had to work many hours of overtime. No matter what they did, even the basic things had a habit of going wrong. Now you might think that this was an unhappy and de-motivated department but you would be wrong.

Sure there were some people who were frequently frustrated by the lack of processes and discipline but by and large most people left for home feeling that their presence was appreciated and that without them things would have been so much worse.

Meanwhile on the other side of town there was a well run IT department that used to have similar problems, so they introduced a project and change management methodology to improve things.  They structured their projects in such a way that even the toughest challenges were met with a calm sense of confidence and reliability.  Day to day operations were conducted so smoothly you would hardly know they were there. In fact their excellent performance became so normal that the executive management of the company very quickly saw it as normal.  After all, the entire IT department was simply doing its job to the standards expected. So consequently they no longer received thanks and praise and overtime bonuses.  There were no late night pizzas, no special “thank you for saving our asses again” parties and no extra end of year bonuses for ‘effort beyond the normal call of duty’.

Now tell me honestly, for which of the two IT departments would you prefer to work?

Have a good week,