I don’t often give in to consumer advertising and I don’t often give in to what I am told to desire, so I like to think that I have a mind of my own. I am never afraid to say what I truly believe, when it is required, or to take sides when I feel it is needed. I generally support the underdog and generally set my main objective as to having fun.

If I can wish for, and expect to receive anything, then for 2012 I would like to continue having more of what I had in 2011: New challenges, mini adventures, some laughs, good wine, fine food and warm hearted people to share it with.

But I think 2012 is going to be tough. The recession will take its grip on even the most optimistic of consumers.  Many of those in work will worry about falling out of it and many of those out of work will worry how to fall into it.

In general I think 2012 is going to be a year of uncertainty and worry. This means we will need to focus on the things that really matter and make sure we keep them close.  We will need to be charitable to those who need it most and not to try and blame others for our apparent hardships, if they come.  And if the tides are turning, and Europe and America have had their day, then so be it.  There’s not much that neither you nor I can do about it alone and anyway, isn’t it time that another continent has its moment in the sun?

We’ll be OK, no need to worry.  It’s action that’s required not pessimism. We may not always have access to everything like we used to and we all have one hell of a lot to lose before our dignity is at risk. In these circumstances a mind of one’s own is essential. To measure success and failure not by the indicators set by others but by our own internal beliefs is what really counts.  For sure if they differ from the expectations we have promised to others there maybe some explaining to do and adjustments to make.But right here, right now, our economies are suffering but they are far from dead and it is in these difficult, uncertain times new ideas are often born.

So let’s savour the last moments of 2011 and be thankful for what we have. 2012 will bring whatever it will bring and I for one am looking forward to it! Bring it on!

See you on the other side, have a nice week,