In the last two weeks I have been caught speeding twice. People tell me that in Belgium the speed cameras do not work – that’s not true. And this is happening to me at a time when I am telling myself to slow down. In my car I have a Coyote communication system that not only compares my current speed with the speed limit of the road it also warns me (most of the time) of the presence of mobile speed traps. On top of this I have a conventional speedometer the size of a small dinner plate, two clocks and a giant flat screen GPS system and still I drive too fast. When am I going to learn?

I guess the answer to my question is either when I receive even more speeding tickets or when I learn to grow up? Perhaps it’s going to be right here, right now? Perhaps this time on my way home from Germany I will decide to fall into line with all the other vehicles happy to travel at a steady 110Km per hour? Or will I, as usual, hog the left-hand lane with my foot on the floor until an even faster fool from behind flashes me out of the way?

Logic tells me that the problem of driving too fast is that, apart from the increased risk of causing an accident, that the faster I go the narrower my vision becomes.  It’s a proven fact. Try driving on an unrestricted highway at a speed of 180-220km and then slow down to 80. I swear you can visibly notice the enormous amount of additional visual information you are able to process left and right. 

The same is true in business, leaders that do too much are simply unable to see the complete picture and sooner or later they begin to make poor decisions. There’s another aspect of moving too fast that also needs to be considered. Yesterday, Philip Gould a British member of the House of Lords, strategist and corporate adviser died at the age of 61 after a battle against cancer. His wife is entirely sure that his tough career played a leading role in his untimely demise.

Now I don’t want an early heart attack and I don’t ever want to cause an accident or be accused of having too narrow vision, so I guess there nothing more to it than to simply slow down?

How fast do you drive your life?

Have a good week,