I’ve made a decision

//I’ve made a decision

I’ve made a decision

“Now listen here, it’s not as simple as you make out.  I don’t think you know the half of it.  I mean have you considered all the options?  What about your health?  You’re not as strong as you think you are!  And what about money?  Where the hell are you going to find the money?” 

“You’re not seeing this clearly at all. And have you considered the time it will take?  All those hours when you will be away from your family and friends; the very people that helped you get you to where you are today? I mean what about the risk?  What if it fails? What if you don’t make it? What then? What about your reputation, your sense of pride? Even your dignity for Christ sake!  I am not with you on this one, I am just not!  Sorry.” 

“When I was your age I thought I knew everything too, but I am wiser now. You’ve got to listen to those around you with more experience than you.  You’ve got to understand that they have your best interests at heart.  If you won’t listen to me, then who will you listen to? …No I am not saying you can’t, I am just saying that you shouldn’t.  There’s a difference. I mean why would you want to screw up your career right at the point in time when you’ve got it all?”

One reason why too few of us ever reach anywhere near our potential.

In memory of Steve Jobs,

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