This week I witnessed a seemingly pointless argument between two fully grown adults and it reminded me of the back and forth bickering that occurs between young siblings; it was just like seeing two bald men fighting over a comb.  With so much seriously negative stuff in the world, I really can do without having to put up with additional mindless nonsense in the workplace.

Although I generally prefer to discuss things openly and calmly, I can accept that sometimes arguments happen and can even be beneficial. A good argument for me is when two people enter into a passionate exchange of ideas while remaining focused on working towards an agreement. Not a compromise, but an agreement.

Compromises very rarely do any lasting good. (Proof can be found in countries blighted with proportional representation or coalition governments that have to constantly compromise on everything in order to attempt to get anything done).

That’s why I prefer to work hard to encourage open dialogue and continued debate until all the aspects of an argument have been covered and a decent, acceptable agreement is established.

A well balanced and carefully managed argument, even a passionate one, is never the ‘soft option’ but it helps to create stronger teams and produces better results in the long run. Teams that speak openly and share conflicting ideas, even in the form of sometimes heated arguments; learn to get over them and in doing so become much stronger than those that break apart at the first sign of conflict.

Leadership is not about compromise.  It’s about motivating people to work together to find the best solution, even when they have wildly differing views. I believe that a diversity of views is the life blood of originality. So if you agree with me, then at least that’s one thing we won’t have to argue about!

Have a good week,