It’s getting late on a sunny Friday afternoon. I am sitting in the Crowne Plaza Hotel waiting to meet someone who says he wants to work for the Partnership.  It’s been a long week and less than an hour away I have a chilled bottle of Pouilly Fuissé waiting to be opened.  It’s no ordinary bottle, coming from a very small vineyard not far from the village of Cortesse.

In a way, I am kind of hoping that my interviewee will cancel so I can get out of the city before the traffic builds up.  In any case, I hope that my candidate is more interesting than his CV and is entertaining enough to distract my thoughts from wondering off to the early evening sunshine, my bottle of wine and my wife.

This is how I like to build a company; signing on people that have what it takes to distract me from the things I like to do to relax and this is why sometimes I come home late and other times early on a Friday afternoon.

Have a good week,