What’s the difference between choosing a lover and an employee?

//What’s the difference between choosing a lover and an employee?

What’s the difference between choosing a lover and an employee?

After two very unhappy relationships Rabbi Lionel Blue managed to find the right partner.  The Rabbi is well known for sharing his wisdom so when he said he knew what the secret was to a life long, happy relationship, I became curious.

The Rabbi’s wisdom often comes in the form of either a joke or short story, and because I knew that his third relationship was still ongoing after many, many years I paid close attention to see if his words matched the happy mystery that I too have been lucky enough to witness. “True love” he said, “is loving your partner for who they are and not for who you want them to be”.  The simplicity rang so true that it kept coming back to me during the day and then I got to thinking; isn’t it strange how the absolute opposite is true when it comes to recruiting an employee?

So to answer my question “What’s the difference between choosing a lover and an employee?” I have come up with my own Rabbi Lional Blue styled answer:

“You must choose a lover for who they are and not what you want them to be.  But an employee must be chosen, not for who they are but for who they can become!  For it is a wise person that will try and coach their employee but a fool who will try and coach their lover!”

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