My nephew told me that his parents think he’s lazy.  “You are” I told him.  “But I am not, I clear away the dishes and do all kinds of stuff, it’s just that nobody notices!” he replied. I told him, “You do nothing.  If no one sees you do it and nobody notices it, then you do nothing, it’s a question of perception”.

I guess there must be people somewhere doing very important jobs which nobody notices. But think about it, if really no one notices, not even ones’ direct line boss, then one must ask the question ‘do they do anything at all?’ 

It’s not that I believe that one should constantly go around showing off how wonderful one is and all the useful things one does. But a life without recognition is a life sacrificed.  Receiving a pay check, in itself, for doing a job that nobody notices or cares about can never be compensation for the empty anonymity, or can it?
Many households encourage their children to speak up in class, to step forward and be noticed.  In work too, good bosses make a point of highlighting the effort of others as a means of acknowledgement and motivation.  

But I have come to the conclusion that for the majority of those that think they are not recognized for the things they do, it is simply that they are either not doing anything worth being recognized for or they are foolishly neglecting to promote themselves sufficiently.  There’s no point in hiding away believing that it is vain or impolite to seek appreciation.  Even a slightly over inflated opinion of what one is worth to society is perfectly normal and healthy and is proven to be good for one’s frame of mind and general well being. (Nathaniel Branden: the six pillars of self esteem)

However on the opposite side of the same coin, we should always be on the lookout for those around us with a low self esteem, for those that need our encouragement and support. The feeling of worthlessness, if continued, can seriously impact upon both personal opportunity and health.

So the next time you do something good or useful, make sure you tell someone and bathe, just for a little while, in the good feeling personal acknowledgment and appreciation brings!

Have a good week,