I recently saw a very poor TV program on the things that people hate about work.  The problem was that it only featured actors and comedians whose office experience was too limited to be worthy of sharing. This got me thinking about what irritates me in the office place.  So I decided to make my own top ten list.

Ten things that drive me nuts at work:

  1. Receiving emails from IT support that ignore the real issue and try to patronize me
  2. Long, very long, emails that you know contain something important and that you are obliged to wade through to find the bit of information you are looking for
  3. People that do not apologize when they have clearly made a mistake
  4. People that agree to do one thing then immediately go and do the complete opposite
  5. Spell checker in MS PowerPoint
  6. People that type during 1 to 1 phone calls
  7. Bosses that constantly give false praise, especially when they know that what was delivered to them was sub standard.
  8. People that hold a grudge when they consider you to have made an error of judgment
  9. Large ‘Town Hall’ meetings where the presenters have not bothered to prepare the content and format of their presentations sufficiently
  10. Accidentally sending a large colour print job to the printer and for some strange reason not being able to cancel it

Now what have I forgotten?