Someone asked me today to describe them using only three words. He obviously needed it for something important (perhaps a job application or end of year assessment)?  In fact, after he gave me a hint, it turned out to be much easier than I thought. 

But then I got to thinking “what three words would I choose to describe myself?”  After a few seconds I gave up, kidding myself into believing that it is not important how I describe myself but rather how others might describe me.  And even then I realized that was not important either!

“Who cares what others think?”  Extremely confident people mostly don’t but that is not necessarily a good thing.  How another sees us is important, especially if we suspect it to have a negative effect on what we want to achieve.  At home I would like to be considered as ‘a caring husband’, with my clients as ‘an inspirational colleague’, with friends as ‘a good companion’.  

As most of us like to put people, places and the intangible into boxes, perhaps a three word summary of oneself is handy – just in case somebody asks?

So I have spent a little more time and come up with three words to describe myself:  Optimistic, helpful and adventurous,

I wonder what three words my wife and those that know me would use?

Have a good week!