With Christmas approaching, many people are thinking about their careers, their next step, even perhaps the thought of living the entrepreneur dream?

But far too many people select their careers like selecting a CD in a record store, randomly jumping from one title to another.  ‘This could be good’, or ‘I wouldn’t mind trying that’… These are all wasted efforts unless of course you are seriously taking a long hard look at yourself and to where you are going in life.

I have a bottom line rule, ‘if you do not understand what the job is from its description, then it is probably at least one step too far away from where you are right now’ but this only a generalization and assumes that the job description was well written in the first place.

Question: If someone were to ask you right now “how do you see your career progressing in 2011?” could you answer them clearly and succinctly (i.e. in one simple sentence)?  If not consider it before someone does ask you, because ask you they will for sure in the next eight weeks or so.

And what about the entrepreneur’s dream? Well if you are thinking along those lines then there are two new things you might like to check out or contribute to: 1 a new blog for would be entrepreneurs: www.StartupBreaks.com and 2. An event in Brussels: http://brussels.startupweekend.org  both these things are in their infancy so do not expect too much, however: For every entrepreneur there are four important questions:

  1. Why do I really want to go it alone?
  2. Who will be my customers?
  3. Why would they do business with me, rather than my competitors?
  4. What will be my measure of success for my business?

Something to consider, over the holiday break?

Have a good week (and a very enjoyable Christmas for those of you that celebrate it)