I don’t know about you but if someone tells me something new, I mostly want to verify it for myself before I believe it?

This week I have a simple but practical test for you to see if you are prepared to believe me, or your own eyes!

I want to show you a simple graphic image and give you a fact to support it.  If you believe me, which you should, you will look at the image and say “if Harley says that it is so, then I believe him”

So here goes : My statement is: 

The two squares A and B, in the image you will see via the link below, are exactly the same colour and shade.
I suspect that you will either:

  • not click on the link because of the fear of what might happen to your computer
  • click and see the image and think that my statement is unbelievable
  • click and look at the image and simply except that if I say it is true, then it is true…

Click here to see the image

The moral of the story is that we are all too easily duped and therefore we do not like to be made fools of (something that goes back to our childhood no doubt).  The question you need to ask yourself is: is my level of doubting others ‘normal’ or is trust something I need to work on?

Have a good week,


(Many thanks to Ted Adelson 1995)