I have heard it say that there are three different types of people: Firstly an ‘open Pot’ (the type of person that is fully open to new ideas and welcoming to changes in general). Second, an ‘upside down pot’ (someone that is completely closed to anything new and fully obsessed with their own experience). And lastly, a ‘cracked pot’,(a person where an idea goes in but they are so busy with other things that it quickly flows back out again).

This over simplified analogy is momentarily fun, but the truth is that, luckily most of us are all three, it just depends on the circumstance and the person or channel from where the new idea comes.  I find it useful sometimes when I am giving out a new idea to ask myself ‘what kind of person am I talking to, which of the three pots is he, or she at the moment?’

Recently a number of people have sent me interesting video links. Depending from whom they come I am more or less inclined to take the effort to watch.  However, recently a couple have grabbed my attention, so I have decided to add a recommended video section to my newsletter.  So if you want to recommend any great on-line videos you have seen recently, please feel free to send them in. (I promise not to be an upside down pot and to watch everyone)!

Have a good week!


Click here to see the link Frederik sent me.