I was just polishing off the final preparations for my Arctic Circle motorcycle trip when I received an email from the hotel owner of where I was planning to stay. She had previously written to warn me that service will be close to nil as it is ‘Mid-Summer night’, Finland’s main holiday of the year. I was already prepared to do my own thing, g, possibly fixing up my own supper on the BBQ in the hotel grounds, when she invited me and my companion to join her and her family for the celebrations at their Summer residence.

This act of kindness took me by surprise and it got me thinking… When was the last time I performed an act of kindness towards a customer or colleague?  A sensitive act of kindness, carried out completely without the intention of expecting something back in return?

I am not advocating that we should all start giving away products and services for free and risking our bottom line profitability, but going that ‘extra mile’ to ensure customer satisfaction is something that is sadly all too lacking, especially in these recessionary times.  Everybody, it seems, wants something for nothing.

When I was a child I was taught that every boy should do ‘a good deed’ everyday.  My parents even used to sometimes ask me what my good deed was (to be honest more often than not I could not remember so I just used to make one up; ‘helping an elderly lady cross the road’ always seemed to be effective usually earning me an extra large helping of pudding and the affection of my Grandmother, should she be in earshot!

So this week I am advocating that we should all actively seek out to do good deeds towards our customers or colleagues everyday.  These need to be done with sincerity, after all doing good deeds should not be a goal or a task but simply a way of life, and in my experience, one always tends to get back much more than one gives, so even our shareholders shouldn’t object!

Just after my new ‘www.HarleyLovegrove.com’ website was launched in the summer of last year a person I respect very much pointed out that its look and feel did not match my blog or my newsletter, so  here I am today with a brand new website and blog!  You might like to check out some of the new features, such as my personal bookshop of recommended books by clicking on my book of the month?

Your feedback is more than welcome, in fact it could be your first good deed of the day if you have not done one already! 😉

Have a good week,