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Things can be different than they appear! – Katrin Derboven

This week we'll have a slight change of order and we would like to introduce to you, Katrin Derboven, business consultant and personal coach. 

Katrin's Blog

Recently I was confronted with paradigms. An old video by Joel A.Barker learned me what an animal a paradigm is. It is the way that you solve problems in a certain context.

It gives boundaries and it is your thinking frame in which you filter information.
Things which are out of the boundaries of your paradigm you will not see or have difficulties to see.

A short anecdote to illustrate this. A man had a nice open top sportcar in which he loved to drive , especially on a certain street with a lot of curves. He had his own way of making curves with his sportscar. He loved it. One day he was driving on this favourite street and saw his favourite curve before him. He started to make his special manouvre when an opposite car came right out of the curve almost hitting him. The woman in the car had her windows open and yelled ‘Pig’ to him. Flabbergasted he replied with ‘Witch’ to the woman, being content that he had a good reply to the woman, and took the curve his way to actually have an accident with ...a pig which was crossing the road in this curve.

Evoking the switch of paradigms and allowing flexibility in thinking is one of the most important things that a coach can realise in his work. By tackling old paradigms and asking questions about new paradigms new insights can be realised in coaching.
One of the wonderquestions is ‘how would it be if ... ?’  When a person or an organisation is able to switch perspectives a whole new world can begin.
A new world with new rules, attitudes and solutions.

Think about this the next time you tackle a problem. What is your ruling paradigm? And perhaps which other paradigm can help you to solve this problem? You can unveil this by asking questions preferably by somebody who is not involved in the problem or the situation.

Katrin's Biography

Katrin Derboven is a consultant in value driven talent development and interim management, working in Antwerp as founding partner of  85, the consulting firm she recently founded.
Her specialities are coaching of management talent , value driven organisation development , start up of new business units or organisations,, support and training of groups

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The Dreamer’s Disease – Laurie Miller

As you all know from last weeks blog, Harley is on a break in the Northern part of the world and has invited some very interesting people to write a blog while he's exploring amazing countries. This week we introduce to you Laurie Miller, an American business executive with specialist expertise in finance and controlling.

Laurie's Blog

I was participating in a meeting the other day and just happened to turn away from the speaker for a moment and noticed a colleague seemingly staring into space.  This was not the first time and nor will it be the last.  I found myself, once again, with a dilemma - shall I try to get his attention to snap him out of this apparent coma-induced state or just let him be?

I know what my two sons would do if faced with this same situation.  They would have found nothing more amusing than blowing a large spit ball through a straw at the “sleeping” target.   Double bonus points awarded if the target is hit between the eyes.  We, in the seemingly more mature world of business, would normally try our best to grab his attention with a raspy deep double-cough, the second being a bit more pronounced, or via a slight elbow nudge if fortunate enough to be sitting directly next to him.  In this case triple bonus points awarded if done conspicuously (something rarely achieved).  After several attempts, mission accomplished and my colleague would once again be focusing on the speaker.

For this instance, however, I found myself wondering what was going through his mind.  Was he preparing ahead for his next meeting, deciding what to have for dinner, planning his fall holiday or just maybe creating the future?  A true visionary.

I have had the honor of having a few visionaries influence my, what I like to think of, young life.  One being my father.  These individuals do not just dream and have visions or thoughts of events that they would like to see occur in the future.  They bring their visions to life!  Those thoughts that reside in their mind are made reality based on the actions that they take and the decisions they make.  Not to sound too technical or scientific, but these actions are calculated and the visionary does not take them just for the sake of it.  Every step is taken in order to bring their vision closer to reality.  Obstacles are viewed as challenges that they simply take on – a learning experience.

They are fascinating to talk with – their minds never stop.  I see this as a key element of a visionary for it is simple questions such as “what if” that they ask themselves that trigger and inspire the creativity and innovativeness.  This leads to “taking something that already exists and doing something different with it”.

So for this moment I decided to let my colleague continue in his comatose state.  I never did ask what he was thinking.  More than likely, I will know eventually…

…. every once and awhile, let them dream!

Laurie's Biography

Laurie is a dedicated mother and “taxi driver” for her two sons, Tyler and Alec, currently residing in Dusseldorf, Germany.

In her spare time, she's a corporate executive currently heading global support services within the IT / Organization & Information department.  Her experience spans finance, controlling, IT and business planning and administration areas.  Interests include strategy, mergers / acquisitions, collaboration, communication and organization activities with a clear focus on delivering results.

Personal interests include driving, running, ice hockey, soccer and horseback riding.    

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Time for some time out

Now that the winter has finally dragged itself through spring and summer is here, it’s time for me to take some time out from my weekly blogs and to hand over my seat and its editorial rights to six guest bloggers.

My batteries need re-charging and the best way I know how to do this is to take a long motorcycle trip.  No onboard entertainment just me and my motorcycle and thousands of kilometers of long and winding roads.  My personal goal is to reach the Arctic Circle and to see the midnight sun. 

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges will be driving across Lapland, but on a journey like this, you never know where it will be, all I can be sure of is that I will have to face it when it comes!  With my brother-in-law half a kilometer behind, or in front, I am as good as alone but with the comfort of knowing that I am part of a two man team.

Next week Laurie Miller, an American business executive with specialist expertise in finance and controlling will be kicking off the summer run of writers.  She will be followed by Kurt De Ruwe, CIO Bayer Material Science.  Katrin Derboven, business consultant and personal coach takes over week three, followed by Bertrand Potier, enterprise architect, project manager and a regular blogger.  Then it’s the turn of Tamara Gielen, an internationally renowned expert in e-mail marketing and also a blogger and motorcycle rider. And last but not least we will have Albana Vrioni, a respected change manager and also the editor of my new book ‘Inspirational Leadership’ (coming out in early November).

The truth of the matter is that I have little or no idea what my guests will share with you, but they have been given full editorial freedom to cover whatever topics they like and think will entertain my regular readers!  As for me, I will be back on August the third; hopefully, fully loaded with new and interesting stories and ideas!

Have a good six weeks!


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