Harley is the Chairman and one of the founding Partners of The Bayard Partnership; a multi-disciplinary group practice specialized in solving complex business problems, either via hands on project and change management or via coaching and consulting.

Harley has a proven track record working for a wide variety of companies in all kinds of sectors. From small and medium sized businesses to global multi-nationals. Over the last thirty years he has built a reputation for routing out and tackling the core problems facing his clients. With the pragmatic tools that he has developed he is able to help them bring about long term solutions….

Tough on efficiency and skilled in reducing unsolved, complex problems to realizable solutions, he’s a market driven, revenue and results oriented person.  

Harley is the CEO and founding Managing Partner of The Bayard Partnership, a multidisiplanary group partnership, based in Brussels, Belgium.

His key areas of focus within the Bayard Partnership are:

    * Interim Management
    * Change Management
    * Complex Project Management Assignments
    * Company turn around projects
    * Improving efficiency within organisations

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