Upcoming Events:

Friday 11 October and Saturday 12 October 2013:

Training: Applied Project Management: Held by Harley Lovegrove (subscribe & info via lan@baypart.com)

Don’t be put off by the title!  This is not an in-depth course on methodology but a Masterclass in sharing and perfecting ones skills in effective project management, especially in companies where there are no well-established project management methodologies.  The course covers a wide variety of topics including handling even the most complex project structures, task distribution and management with difficult and resistive people, Program versus Project management strategies.  The course is meant for professionals with at least 5-10 years of professional experience.  The Masterclass is supported by an optional exam.

Friday 8 November and Saturday 9 November 2013:

Training: Managing Change: Held by Harley Lovegrove (subscribe & info via hlo@baypart.com)

This two day Masterclass is the same class that Harley gives at Vlerick but is adapted for more general projects (rather than focusing just on Business Process Management).  This course covers all the essential aspects of Change Management and Managing change.  It is highly interactive and is designed for people with a minimum of 10 years business experience. The Masterclass is supported by an optional exam.

Past Events:

17 – 18 January 2013:

Master Class teacher, Vlerick School Gent

Saturday 17 November:

Training:Solving Complex Problems: Held by Harley Lovegrove (subscribe & info via lan@baypart.com)

one day Masterclass is designed to share Harley’s nine step approach to
tackling interim management assignments.  It’s starting point is that
the problem that the interim manager is expected to solve is highly
complex and where the strategy choice will have a major impact on the
business.  This course is very interactive and splits between theory and
workshop development.

17 – 18 January 2013:

Master Class teacher, Vlerick School Gent

Friday 8 June and Saturday 9 June:

Workshop: Enterprise Architecture: Held by David Frans and moderated by Harley Lovegrove (subscribe & info via lan@baypart.com)

This two day workshop will take the form of a number of short
lectures on various aspects of Enterprise Architecture and its
application within diverse companies and organizations. The concept is
that the participants will bring their own ideas and opinions and that
after each module will work together to form a collective view point and
policy statement. Due to the exploratory nature of this workshop, there
are no lecturers as such but the participants themselves will be asked
to prepare simple white papers of tack on specific topics during the

Friday 4 May and Saturday 5 May:

Training: Engaging with Corporate Executives: Held by Harley Lovegrove (subscribe & info via lan@baypart.com)

two day Masterclass/Workshop will cover an in-depth approach to
communication complex issues and statuses to senior management and
board-room, ‘C’  level executives.  It will comprise some theory, with
real life scenarios and workshop sessions.  Harley will be supported by
Katrin Derboven who will be on hand to assist with one, to one coaching
and advice where necessary. The Masterclass is supported by an optional

6 March 2012: Cebit Hannover, Germany

Key Note Speaker

19 – 20 January 2012:

Lecture at Vlerick School, Gent

18 November 2011:

Training on ‘Solving tough problems’, Leuven Belgium 

14 October 2011:

Training on ‘Managing Change’ (Projects & Corporate), Leuven Belgium

16 September 2011:

Training on ‘Applied Project Management’, Leuven Belgium

1 October, 2011:

PMI Benelux Day – Koningshof, in Veldhoven (Netherlands)
Keynote speech followed by a Master Class on ‘Beyond Borders’ by Harley Lovegrove

21 & 22 February, 2011:

Kodak Sales Kick Off 2011, Athens

‘Working with Harley was great fun. He listened to the brief carefully, understanding where we are taking the brand Kodak to and the challenges facing the team. With this information he spun it into a truly dynamic and motivational speech to round off the plenary session of our EMEA launch in Athens, in front of an audience comprised of 500 of our international sales force and 400 of our customers.” March 9, 2011

Hubert Scheir, Director Strategic Marketing Segments, Kodak SA/NV


29 January, 2011:

Speaker on Leadership at the Startup Weekend Brussels

16 & 17 February, 2011:

Managing Change, Vlerick School Gent, Belgium

21 & 22 February, 2011:

Motivational Speaker at EAMER Sales Kick Off Meeting Kodak 2011 (private event)

20 November, 2010:

Training on Solving Complex Problems – Leuven, Belgium

18 November, 2010:

 ‘Inspirational Leadership’ book launch , Antwerp

4 November 2010:

Inspirational Leadership’ book launch event, Brussels

27 March, 2010:

Executive Master of Business Administration UAMS Antwerp Solving though problems lecture- UAMS, Sint Jacobsmarkt 9-13, 2000 Antwerp

16 March, 2010:

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management Finding the Hidden Agenda – workshop

11 February, 2010:

Vlerick Gent Management School The History of Project Management – A Pragmatic Approach to Project Management

16 November, 2009:

CIOnet Belgium Annual Event – IT-enabled Business Innovation
Chariman of the day : Harley Lovegrove

IT-enabled Business Innovation is the central theme for this event.

So why “IT-enabled Business Innovation”? Successful companies actively cultivate new ideas, put those ideas to work quickly and efficiently, and harvest the business value benefits of successful innovations.

Although many innovations have a significant technology component, IT is not always viewed as a driver for business innovation. This is due in part to IT’s historic tendencies to perform technology innovation only for itself. A challenge for IT is to provide structure and process for business-focused technology innovation.

Innovation is not just about what a company offers, innovation is also about how a company conducts business and how IT innovation can transform an organization into a significantly more efficient company.

03 November, 2009:

Innovation & Creativity in tough markets: Allianz SE –  Non Motor Pricing & Underwriting Expert Workshop – Munich DE

15 October, 2009

“Who’s running this business?”  is a live event telling the stories of three very different individuals that each, in their own way, have brought about radical changes into their businesses.  (the battle for influence and innovation in the boardroom) –  Diamant Centre, Brussels


“A great evening – I met lots of very interesting people and had some good discussions.

Thinking about it afterwards you have it spot on about needing to articulate what needs to change and then about measuring it. Here we have a bad tendency to focus on how we’re going to change not what we’re going to be when we get there. Then, when you inevitably change the details of the how it’s too easy to lose sight of where you are trying to get to and you find you’re changing direction or all pulling different ways.
I shall be concentrating on getting more clarity in the ‘what’ in the future.”

Fay Simcock – Quality Manager .

“Thank you a lot for a surprisingly different – at Sandler we call it pattern interrupt – event, perfectly organized and nice to be there;
Harley, you know I loved your communication style in the past, but it seems to me that you have even made a lot of improvements in this domain, you have become a standup business speaker now, with a lot of real strong insights.”

Eric Bartholomeus – Sales Force Development Analyst – Sandler Training Benelux


3 October, 2009:

10th PMI Benelux Congress – Veldhoven : Masterclass on Project Management

8 October, 2008:

The Making A Difference: CEO’s Dilemma competition final: David’s dilemma at the Beursscouwburg, Brussels (Ticket only), 70€ each, including reception, the main event and a walking dinner to follow.
Tickets: SOLD OUT


Various private events:

Solvay Business School, Brussels : 11 February 2008
Solvay Business School, Brussels : 07 February 2008
Kiwanis Tienen Hageland : 22 November, 2007
Vlerick Management School Leuven: 29 November 2007

PMI Benelux Day, Rotterdam: 29 Sept. 2007
Keynote speaker.  Subject: ‘Finding the hidden agenda’

Book Launch Party: Brussels, 14 September, 18:00-24:00
Private party, strictly invitation only.

Vlaamse Management Association: 11 Sept. 2007 18:00-20:00
Harley Lovegrove ‘Live’: Making a Difference’
Location:  KBC Tower – Panoramic Hall
Citrix Solutions Seminar at the Astrid Park Plaza Hotel, Antwerp,
April 17, 2007.  Keynote speach: ‘The Future of Computing’