I don’t know what it is that drives me on, that makes me want to get up and creep down to my home office before the household awakes?  “Are you working again?” “ No dear, just checking some e-mails…” I don’t like my job, I love it.  And because of this I don’t always know when I am working or not.

For a self employed person work can be measured by the amount of invoiced hours.  But in my case, the little gaps of time I set aside somehow become filled with unforeseen tasks that will not rest until they are put into action.
For employees, there is the addiction of not being able to resist reading emails on the company mobile phone, or thinking about work during leisure moments while in the company of others.  So what is it that drives busy people on?  What is it that tells us that our work is never done?

At school I was a lazy boy.  Full of dreams, I filled my days with visions of an adult life full of fun and freedom.  But somewhere between then and now my dreams have largely become my work.

Everyone talks about getting the balance right, about being able to switch off and relax.  I can do that, but I cannot keep it up for long.   Sooner or later the nagging foreman of life taps me on the shoulder reminding me that playtime is over; that there are bills to be paid and a group of people waiting for me back in the office.  But are they?  ‘The graveyard’, I am told, ‘is full of irreplaceable people’. 

If work means continuing to do something against my will then I am not sure I know what work is.  It seems that sooner or later I end up enjoying whatever it is that I do.  That’s why I have never done a days’ work in my life.  Sure there were the nightmare student holiday jobs; endlessly washing up in a greasy kitchen or filing insurance claims in a dull building in a bright new city, but that was long ago and even they were not that bad. 

Have a good week,