Have you ever wondered how it is that some people achieve so much more than others? One answer is because they constantly set ambitious deadlines for themselves. The moment they are given a task, or have a new idea, they immediately turn it into a challenge by setting a deadline by which it will be achieved.   By telling it to the world, their deadline becomes an irreversible ‘must do’ matter of pride.

The all time classic ambitious deadline is president Kennedy’s “to put a man on the moon and to return him safely to Earth, before the decade is out”.  High achievers set these kind of deadlines constantly and for absolutely everything. “I am rather busy right now, but you’ll have it by Friday, is that OK?”. For them a deal is a deal and Friday is their new deadline.

Because most high achievers are also optimists, their overriding sense of confidence makes them temporarily blind to obstacles.  They rely on their ability (and that of their team) to overcome everything that blocks their way.  Life, to them, is like a computer game with its constant stream of challenges.  When they run out, they simply invent more.

Geoff Thompson, the author of The Elephant and the Twig, purchased twenty thousand copies of his own book, by doing so, he set himself the task of selling them himself, rather than sitting back and relying on his publisher to do so.

Successful people surround themselves with achievers. They are not in the slightest worried about competition or being out done. The only thing that is important for them is achieving their goals and objectives. So when they come across people that do not share their energy and passion, they simply ignore them. To a high achiever, a person without vision or drive, sooner or later becomes an irrelevant bystander of a forgotten game.

Have a good week,