Harley Lovegrove was born in South East London in 1957.  His father was an architect and his mother an artist.  Harley grew up in a mixed environment of culture and enterprise.  He formed his first company at the age of 21 while working as a junior marketing assistant for an industrial company in London.

His career path began with teaching music, and then veered its way through recruitment, marketing, sales and eventually to becoming the owner of a photographic and marketing services business aimed at the UK’s building sector.

In 1995 Harley moved to Belgium where he earned a living importing UK building products onto the Belgian market.  Twelve months later he joined a very small Belgian high technology software company (Eonic Systems) where he was taken on in the position of office manager.  Working alongside the CEO, the company grew rapidly and Harley took on the responsibility of COO.  Within a period of less than four years the company opened development and satellite sales offices in the US, Germany, Korea, India, Brazil, China, and the UK.  Eonic Systems was sold to an American multi-national in 2001.

Since 2000, Harley has taken up numerous interim management posts working for a variety of businesses from high technology and software to petrochemical, transport, mobile telecommunications, banking and apparel.

Today Harley is the Chairman of The Bayard Partnership, a highly successful outsourcing supply business. By sticking to its founding principle that ‘excellence can only be achieved by working with people that are 100% connected to what they do, both intellectually and emotionally’, The Partnership has enjoyed steady year on year growth since its inception back in 2004.

Apart from publishing a weekly blog and newsletter that goes out to readers all around the world, Harley has also published two books ‘Making a Difference’ (which was also published in Dutch under the title ‘Maak het Verschil’) and ‘Inspirational Leadership’ (published in Dutch as ‘Inspireer en Leid’) . He is currently working on his third book, due to be published in the Spring of 2013.

Harley is also a regular lecturer on Change Management, Project Management and Complex Problem Solving at various prestigious European business schools, including The Vlerick Business School in Gent, Belgium.  Apart from his duties as Chairman of The Bayard Partnership, Harley retains one or two clients that he consults on a part-time basis.

Harley’s hobbies include: Music appreciation, playing the guitar, wine tasting, and long distance motorcycle adventures across countries and continents. In June 2010 Harley drove his motorbike to the Arctic Circle and back, and in July 2012 he undertook a road trip to Budapest, taking in the great plains of Hungary, returning over the Dolomites and Alps, the long way round.

Harley currently lives in Belgium with his wife, Griet, and two cats.