A Belgian, an Englishman and an American were walking through a park one day.  The Englishman thought that it might rain so had brought an umbrella with him to be on the safe side but his companions had not.  As the sky turned darker it occurred to him that he was facing a potential dilemma: what if it rains? 

 The Belgian was his boss and the American a colleague.  His umbrella was a small collapsible model, barely adequate for one person, let alone for two or three. The Englishman considered his options:

 If it rains it would be diplomatic to offer the umbrella to his boss.  On the other hand because his colleague was a woman, he thought it would be polite to offer her the umbrella but then he considered the fact that she is a very independent and ambitious career woman and might be offended by being singled out as 'the woman' among men? The last thing the Englishman wanted was to offend anyone.

  "Perhaps I should keep it?"  the Englishman thought to himself, "after all it was my forward planning..?"  He considered some more scenarios:

 Scenario 1. No one gets it:  a). He throws it away and gets rid of the problem, b). all three fight for it and probably end up breaking it in the process, c). someone else comes along and steals it out of his hand.

 Scenario 2 His Boss might suggest that he give it to the American, if she is upset by his suggestion then it will be directed to his boss and not with him! The Englishman could not come to a conclusion and so he said and did nothing.

 What conclusion should the Englishman have come to?  How should he have dealt with the situation?  What is the moral of the story?

 My conclusion next week! 

 Have a good week,