No matter how you look at it, the world is changing and along with it, business is changing too.  For many companies, the way business is conducted today has changed almost beyond recognition to that of only ten or twenty years ago, thanks to the emergence of the internet and integrated mobile access technologies.

The applications we use to communicate and carryout business transactions are becoming much simpler to use and at the same time much more sophisticated. In recent times, completely new business models have been created – where companies that choose to give away their core products for free have become some of the richest players on earth.

With all this change, one thing remains, people. People need to be found, recruited, educated, motivated, re-motivated, removed, replaced, re-defined, re-aligned. Luckily, business is still about people. Luckily our shareholders are still human (even though it might not seem so, sometimes)!

In this 'Brave New World' the role of the Change Manager is becoming ever more important. Today's change manager needs to be a true professional. He, or she, needs to have  both the in depth theory of their craft and also the hard experience of making change happen.  Real change management is about managing change (making sure things happen in a different way) and not the other way around (trying to get control on what is changing).  In this sense, today’s effective change managers have moved more towards project management (getting the job done) and away from consultancy.

As my regular readers know, in my weekly blogs I share my observations from a business change perspective and I strongly encourage others to do the same in their contributions. (Notice that on my new blog platform, all my contributors are credited and are given top exposure in the right hand column for the entire world to see).

Each week I will continue to cover almost any topic related to business and business management and practices. From the trivial to the complex, sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, sometimes both – but (I hope) my content will always be real, relevant, tangible, pragmatic, useful, interesting and entertaining.

How long will I keep this blog up?

For as long as people keep reading and responding, for as long as it has purpose.

Have a good week,