I want to design a template file / folder structure that can be used for all and every kind of project. The idea is that for each client or project, a standard file structure will be used. Logically it would have a folder for each stage of the project for example:

Business Requirements
Solution Strategy
Business Case
Solution Design
Development / Implementation
Handover / Go Live

Under each stage there could be all sorts of sub file structures. The idea is to use this folder structure on a special file share software system that allows project colleagues to gain access to the data from wherever they are, regardless of the hardware they are using. It will not be a slow web based system, but a system that gives everyone a ‘local’ copy that synchronizes and updates the central information, seamlessly.

The question I have for my blog readers is: Have you ever used ‘the perfect’ file structure and if you have, have you any tips for me, before it becomes hard coded?