(a short extract from the book Making a Difference)

There is an important difference between a consultant, and an interim manager. A consultant, strictly speaking, is only giving advice, writing up recommendations and putting them down on paper. In general, consultants can be seen as experts in a particular field, and interim managers as generalists who may have specialized skills and experience but who are ready to step in and manage different kinds of business problems and environments.

In short, an interim manager can give advice, but whatever happens, they are expected to stick around to get the job done.

Tip for business owners and managers:

If you need advice or want to know what your business is doing (or should be doing) go to a consulting firm; but if you want to actually implement something or bring about a change in the way you do things, bring in an interim manager. You might be lucky to find one (usually bald, at least if he’s male) who has both the knowledge and the ability to take his jacket off and get the job done.